10 Ways To Spot A Womanizing Pastor.-Tosyne2much

It’s no news that any cat or dog can wake up tomorrow morning claiming that God has called him into the pastor-al mission

even though he has no God’s intervention in his life. Pastoring mission has greatly been abused that some men now use it to frustrate, ride on people, commit all sort of atrocities and fornication.

Without wasting time, below are the signs that a pastor is a chronic womanizer.

1. They caress Ladies Butts/Bosoms during deliverance

When they’re trying to rebuke an evil spirit from a possessed lady, they use that opportunity judiciously to caress her bosoms and butts. They threaten the congregation with thunders, blindness and impotency if they open their eyes when deliverance is going on. I This sounds weird but believe me, Tosyne2much has witnessed it.

2. They Hate on Men dating their crush

They will always tell you it’s unscriptural to woo a lady and that you should seek the consent of your pastor to approach the lady on your behalf and will back it up with bible references. If you dull yourself, some of them will snatch the lady from you in that process and render you single

3. They bend their heads during sermon to view Ladies interior

Those of us who are very observant will agree with me that womanizing pastors usually demonstrate during sermon and will quickly bend down at any convenient radius just to have a clear view of the ladies interior or view their backsides.

4. They shut the door against any young lady that enters their rooms

I have a man of God that who happens to be a chronic womanizer in my neighbourhood. He keeps his door wide open when a guy visits but when a lady visits, he quickly shuts the door with immediate effect and few minutes later, you will begin to hear both of them humming like bees. God has a way of punishing these people.

5. They parade Ladies abode more often

Yes, another way to spot them is that they’re overly friendly to ladies while they’re hostile to men. In fact, they will never visit male members who are victims of ghastly accidents or HIV/Aids patients but the same pastor will be the first person to visit any female member who complains of ordinary cold and catarrh

6. They frustrate any female member that denies them sef

They are badoos and they don’t dull themselves at all. These men will use duress to go in pursuit of any babe that catches their fancy using the Holy Spirit to threaten her if she doesn’t accept. They can frustrate her life by making the church unbearable for her. If she’s a choir member, they will instruct the choir coordinator not to allow her lead praise and worship anymore

7. They organize counseling programmes for Ladies alone

They take advantage of women barren women by organizing deliverance programme for them at odd hour and wouldn’t allow their husbands to come with them. Some of them deceive these women that the Holy Spirit asked them to sexually satisfy their pastor before God will grant their prayers and give them children.

8. They Ask their wives to go home after service

They tell their wives to go home immediately after service telling her they have urgent spiritual assignment to address. This is to avoid their wives as they can be a source of distraction when they have a special package for a lady on Sunday. They look so tired and frustrated when they return back home.

9. They quickly proffer solutions to Women’s problems

I remember when I had financial challenges and sought my pastor’s help for N200, he told me he was broke and I was about leaving his office when a lady with figure 8 came into his office. To my surprise, he handed over N20, 000 to her for upkeep. I almost bursted into tears.

10. Their contacts are dominated by female names

They don’t let peace reign on social media by tagging everyone a sinner. Each time they see any sexual related topic, they threaten the OP with hell fire. When you take a glance at their social media profile or phone contacts, the ratio of ladies and that of men is usually 92: 8. They are always following 230 females and 2 males. They are womanizers in pastor’s clothing