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Armed Musa Enters Oil Business, Opens filling Station In Kano

Super Eagles Player Ahmed Musa added to his Business ventures by opening a felling station in Kano,

The Word’s largest Rough Diamond, Sold for E40 Million

The Word’s largest rough Diamond, with the size of a tennis ball, was sold for E40 Million equivalent of ($53, Million)

A Woman Saw Soap After Unboxing Her Newly Purchased Iphone

It was a shocking moment for this heartbroken woman, she was disappointed, her excitement of owning a new phone vanished the moment she unboxed her expensive Iphone, only to discover a soap

Forte Oil Has Suspended Its Proposed Equity Offering

Forte Oil Plc, a leading oil and gas has put on hold its proposed equity offering. The company made this known in a letter sent to the Nigerian Stock Exchange on Tuesday.

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