My Daddy Abandoned Responsibility All Because He Is 50year Waiting To Die.

My name is john. Am twenty one
Here is my story. Not just a story but an irony of truth and lies.

Do u know that if any human clocks 50 all he keeps thinking was his death?….(daddy said so)
Just like a utility maximisation, we tend to reach to a point and depreciate.

My father abandoned me and my siblings
just because he will soon die and he need to plan and enjoy the few years he has to spend on earth.

He told my Mum that we all have our own future fend for. if we keep expecting him to pay our school fees, buy cloths and feed us complete thrice and many more that we are joking..

He also told my elderst brother that the money he has is for him and his wife. I thought the joke was a plank..

Not until when my two elder brother left the home to no destination.. I sat to share issues with my mum who pointed out vividly that my Daddy made the right decision.

So i wonder if that is right.. Is it only my father that has that mentality or is it a general undertaken. Someone needs a help.