Female Prison Officer Jailed For Having An Illicit Affair With A Convicted Murderer.

A female prison officer has been jailed for an illicit affair with a murderer after she was caught smuggling him a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Kiah Andrusjak supervised inmates working on cleaning duties at Strangeways prison in Manchester.

The 25-year-old prison officer fell for Shane Boyd while he was on mop duty at the high security jail.

He reportedly stuck up for Kiah when she was “disrespected” by other inmates, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Andrusjak, from Wigan, was caught after smuggling the killer a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

She was trying to bring him a pack of Lambert and Butler cigarettes and keepsake photographs when she was confronted and searched by staff who had been tipped off about what she was up to.

By that time she had swapped 690 texts with Boyd – each with a heart-shaped emoji – while knowing he was using a contraband mobile phone.

Boyd had even arranged for his sister to give her Christmas presents from him at a clandestine meeting in Nando’s, handing over £150 in a card on one occasion.

Now Andrusjak – who spent five years in the Royal Navy before joining the Prison Service – has been jailed for eight months by a judge who told her the ‘betrayal of trust’ was serious and that crimes like hers ‘undermined public confidence’.