Igbos Are Being Marginalized And This Is Evidence – Reno Omokri.

If you do not believe that the Igbo are marginalized in Nigeria then visit Aba and Nnewi. There, Nigerians of Igbo origin manufacture (not assemble) all manner of products that begin from Letter A and end with letter Z.

In Aba alone, they produce 1 million pairs of shoes EVERYDAY (you read me right EVERYDAY).

In Nnewi, they have more Manufacturing companies than they have in Nigeria’s largest geo political zone, the Northwest.

Yet, both Anambra or Abia do not have an airport even though their citizens are the heaviest commercial travelers in Nigeria BAR NONE! Yet, some states with little to no commercial activity have not just an airport, but a fully functional international airport.

Try explaining this to yourself without using the word marginalization!