Between Kemi Adeosun And Peter Obi On The Platform

“When Mr. Peter Obi finished, the Minister of Finance came to the podium and begged that Mr. Obi be brought back inside the platform.

When Okwute came back…the woman started addressing him and explaining all the things they’ve been doing so far to really reduce cost of governance. She explained their concerted efforts to save as advocated by Mr. Obi. Boy.

Peter Obi’s Key Statements On Platform

We are borrowing to do flyovers when many roads are bad, We even borrow to do decorations on it.
Minister please stop approving all this state governors borrowing, talk to them on cost of governance.

Section 162 of our constitution did not help us to save because it says share all but even motorpark touts union saves..
No nation can survive without savings.

The Investment sovereignty act says we should save our excess but you and I know there can’t be excess after sharing.
They are about to share $1.65bn out of the $6b excess crude deduction, what for?

NNPC and her sister are remitting $21.8bn and have scheduled time for payback.

I appeal you should not share any money because they are the once we are now finding in houses.

Minister, If we save $2.5bn from 2018 to 2030 at 7% reserve income, it will give us $55bn, This will enhance stable exchange rate.

Let’s start the saving with the money about to be shared. We need to invest aggressively in education because out of the 57million uneducated children in the world, 10.7% of them are Nigerians.

Even Facebook’s budget for the year is bigger than our nation’s GDP.
Send finances made for education to the school heads and parents directly not commissions or ministries else the money will go through a transit of many checkpoints.

While I was the governor. I bought computers based on one computer per 10 students costing N2.4bn, the money is there, the FG can do it.

Government do not create jobs, they facilitate them by promoting SMEs and encouraging local productions.

This government killed over 80% of failed private enterprises in Nigeria.
Imagine a Governor who bought 50 jeeps for traditional rulers for up to four years now from a private firm and has not paid making the company sack 200 workers and acquired over N732milliion debt after he has collected all the traditional titles and still counting

I gave innoson order to supply us 1000 vehicles and I paid him cash, even admidst fear and quality misconceptions, non of those cars had any issues with the people’s fear.

So, if I must say OK to the government in promoting the made in Nigeria stuffs, let’s first of all go to all government officials and governors houses and make sure 60% of the fittings and everything there is made in Nigeria.

If any contractor says I owe him while I left office, let him make it public, I will resign from politics.

If you see any house belonging to Peter Obi apart from the one in Onitsha which is official, confiscate it.

There is nothing in the constitution called security votes, what we have is contingency funds and its being abused.
I gave 257 Anambra secondary schools N10million annually, 1bn to hospitals and health colleges.

I had only N2.5bn as security votes and I should be invited to account for it.

They searched my apartment and saw only my wife’s belongings, not even my watch and they said I don’t live there.

I have only two black shoes I bought for $49.99 which I travel with everywhere to avoid being hurt which is the reason for having shoes and a wrist watch I bought 18 years ago, why buy another and drop it on the table, what time is it keeping.

My sadness is not just that I live in that block, my worry is that that money was dumped and wasn’t yielding profits, if the owner has kept it in the Bank, it would by now yield around $7bn which is N2.8bn that can carter for a state’s annual educational budget.