Man Arrested Trying To Drive Car Loaded With Liquid Gas Into Crowd In Belgium

A French Muslim has been arrested after trying to drive a car loaded with liquid gas, assault rifles and knives into a crowd at high speed on a busy shopping street in Antwerp.

Belgian police, who confirmed the bomb squad had been sent to the area, said the car was being driven at high speed and that pedestrians had to jump out of the way to avoid being injured.

Authorities found knives, a shotgun and a gas can with an unknown liquid in the car prompting officers who usually deal with extremist attacks to take over the case.


It comes just hours after three people were killed in London by a terrorist who mowed down pedestrians and cyclists outside the House of Commons before stabbing a policeman to death.

The suspect was said to be travelling in a car registered in France and that it was a red Citro├źn

The car thought to have been driven through the crowds in Antwerp is taken away (circled).