Man Drops His Cigarette on The Ground and It Explodes To His Face – VIDEO

A Video has shown the moment a smoker cheated death after tossing his cigarette butt down a hole in the ground and causing an explosion.
The astonishing moment was captured on CCTV which, according to The Sun UK, was filmed in Tehran.

It shows a man ambling into a corner of the Iranian capital and flicking his fag end down a hole in the pavement.

The dropped fag immediately ignited a pocket of gas
A split second later the ground erupted sending them man and debris flying through the air.
When the dust settles the man can be seen lying on the floor covered in dirt.
Clearly distressed, he manages to pull himself to his feet and dust himself down as he walks out of shot.

Afterwards the man could be seen dragging himself away to safety
Across the screen, a caption in Farsi appears which seems to warn about the dangers of discarding fag ends down sewers.
According to the time stamp on the video the incident occurred just before 10am on March 29 this year.
Since it was circulated on Twitter on Monday, the video has been viewed millions of times around the globe.
Watch the video below: