A Married Woman I’m Currently Staying With Wants To Sleep With Me

I’m very confused. I don’t know what to do but I need advice, serious one on how to navigate safely through this stormy waters.

I’m in my early thirties, unfortunately not working at the moment but still searching and believing I’ll get one soon.

I had an accommodation problem and someone who is like an aunt offered I stay in her house until I can sort myself out.

I didn’t have any other alternative still don’t have at the moment so agreed and moved in due to my situation. She’s a close family friend. Her mom was my late mom’s best friend.

She’s married with two kids and her husband is a state agent; he works with one of the Federal Security Agencies. Please I don’t want to be specific.

The husband is far way from us here in Lagos and comes home once in a while so it’s always two of us especially when the kids have gone to school.

She wants me to sleep with her and has been disturbing a hell out of me. I’ve tried to let her know why this isn’t possible since she’s married but it’s like I’m talking to a stone.

She practically Unclad herself recently and held unto me but I used an extremely diplomatic tone and much pleading before she could let go of me. But she told me I must look for her soon; don’t know what that means.

I never have a thought of sleeping with any married woman because I don’t just think It’s a right thing
to do.

Me self wey no gukuma get time for single ladies na married woman come dey disturb person. Me don tire for this kind thing o