“Na By Force To Marry You?” Moses Dickson’s Ex-Girlfriend, Emoh Adoga Stalks Him For Marriage (Pics)

Bayelsa State governor’s brother who goes by the name MoDickson Mod on facebook, yesterday descended  heavily on his ex girlfriend named Emoh Adoga, who tried to force him into marriage or pay heavily for it

with “A car (around N1m) + 2yrs rent (@N1.2 million) + N300k etc etc as compensation.

He wrote,

“Here comes the 2017 surprise; An ex-girlfriend called Emoh Adoga now graduates from stalking me to psycho. Why on earth are some girls just naturally desperate? I have only seen this in the movies and books. Na by force to marry you? Na force to pay your house rent? I be your papa? You say me promise to marry you. When?how? Where? Where I engage you na? When? Where the agreement wei I sign to marry you na? When you become my wife na?

After over two years, upon all the men wei you don see before and after me

Na me you wan scandalise? How many times will I tell you There is no vacancy in my heart?

Stop being desperate!

No wonder men de run from you!!

SeeMeSeeTrouble! ”

Below is the phone conversations of what his ex girlfriend is demanding.

“A car (around N1m) + 2yrs rent (@N1.2 million) + N300k cost of filling suit +N50k cost of withdrawing. Total N2.550M. That’s the least i expect . I’m extremely lenient considering the insults you just rained on me. Good luck