I Was Tricked By A Fake Prophet Into Marrying My Wife-Divorce Seeking Man

Dissatisfied with his marriage, a man has pleaded with an Agege Customary Court, in Lagos State, to dissolve his marriage to his wife, Ilesanmi Comfort, because he doesn’t love her.

The man, Ilesanmi Samuel, said he wouldn’t have married Comfort, if not that he was tricked by a fake prophet.

“I was forced to marry Comfort by a fake prophet at a church where I once served as an assistant pastor. “Comfort and I met for just two weeks before our wedding. It was when we started living as husband and wife that Comfort showed her true colour,” Samuel said, adding that Comfort used to seize any opportunity to curse him and his ministry.

He said whenever he tried to tell her that her behaviour was wrong, she would grab his shirt and start shouting. “Before her sudden change and cruel attitude, I prayed and God revealed to me that Comfort wasn’t my wife. I chose wrongly. I can’t find peace in my house.

“I don’t love her anymore. I don’t want this to tarnish my ministry and my reputation as a pastor. That’s why I decided to file a divorce.

I think the divorce would bring peace to my ministry,” he said.

Comfort denied the allegations, stressing that the root of their marital problem was that Samuel wanted to use her to raise his children.

She said: “After Samuel lost his wife and married me, I started taking care of his children.

“Samuel and I didn’t have any form of quarrel. I was shocked this morning when I saw divorce summon from Agege Customary Court.” President of the court, Mr. Williams Philips, adjourned the case for further hearing.