Winners Chapel Pastor Beats Wife To Pulp In Benin, Threatens To Kill Her & Marry Another

Pictured is a woman identified as Beauty Wilson who is said to be a victim of domestic violence by her husband who is a pastor.

According to Phillip Obin who shared this, the woman’s husband nearly killed her with beating yesterday after threatening to kill her and marry another woman. The husband has reportedly seized her phone and has also driven her out of their home without her 3 kids.

Read what Phillip shared on Facebook;

“Her name is Beauty Wilson. Her husband is a Pastor with Winners chapel, Ugonoba Branch in Benin City. Attached is her pictures. You can reach her brother via. He has seized her phone and drove her out without her 3 kids. He also pull her hairs off over a very minor issue. This isn’t the first time.

He told her not too long ago that he would kill her and marry another woman. He almost carried out that threat today.