The Worst Corpers’ Place Of Primary Assignment Ever (pictures)

Below are images of a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) in Ogun State to which about seven Corp Members were sent for their national service last Monday, February 13, 2017. According to Quincy, one of the Corp members posted to the place, the unbelievable PPA is located at Oghbere in Ijebu East LGA of Ogun State.

The first picture is the image of the school where they’re to perform their national duties, while the second picture is the accommodation provided for the corps members. The question is could there still be any other PPA worse than this, or is this the worst in Nigeria? Alutanews urges the management of NYSC to critically look into these issues of PPAs as thousands of corps members nationwide are crying out due to difficulties associated with their Places of Primary Assignment. And one wonders who approves these kinds of places for PPAs? Find the pictures below: