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Imo Artist Draws Jacob Zuma Inless Than Two Hours Of His Coronation

Jacob zuma received a life portrait painting of himself from an Imo state born artist, who drew the art work in less than two hours

Rochas Okorocha’s Wife And Jacob Zuma’s Wife In Imo State House

South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma and his wife who visited Imo State for a two-day visit, seem to be enjoying the hospitality of Rochas Okorocha and his wife

Confused Looking Monkey Tries To Steal Burger Through A Car Windscreen

A baby monkey was caught on camera trying to steal a burger left on the dash board, through the cars windscreen

A Lady And Her Gang Caught While Trying To Kidnap And Rob A Lady

A gang of thief’s made up of a lady and two men were caught today while trying to kidnap and rob a Lady

Ritualist Caught With Seven Human Heads In Ogun

A ritualist was caught today in mowe area of Ogun State, while on his way to Lagos, with Seven human heads hidden in his bag

MC Kind is Dead, See How He Was Poisoned, Slumped, Died While Foaming From The Mouth

An upcoming comedian know as MC kind is dead, with circumstances surrounding his mysterious death looking controversial

Playboy: Handsome Man Sleeping With Married Woman In Hotel, Beaten Mercilessly By Mob

A playboy who specializes in sleeping with married Woman in Hotel was beaten blue and black today and lucked up in a car boot.

Nwangele LGA Man Stabbed To Death By Landlord, A Day To His Wedding

A man from nwangele LGA, who resides in Owerri was stabbed to death by his landlord and children, a Day to his traditional wedding

Unidentified Dead Lady Dumped On The Street Of Sapele

The dead body of An unidentified lady was dumped on the street of Sapele, in Delta State. by unknown man. Her dead body was dumped on Thursday 12th, October, around 10 pm.

Watch: One Corner Dance Takes Over Wedding Party

In what looks like a Bizarre scene, all the guests in a wedding reception took to one corner dance, guest could be seen doing their corner dance on every available space

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