Man Hangs His Two Children Then Kills Himself…His Reason Will Leave You Speechless

A South African man identified as Njabulo Khomo has committed suicide after killing his kids because his lover left him.

According to Daily Sun SA, when Njabulo Khomo’s baby mama left him, he threatened to kill himself. His family calmed him down, but horror was just around the corner.
On Wednesday he killed himself and his two kids!
Njabulo, his daughter Thando (2) and son Sibonelo (3) were found hanging from the ceiling of his rented house.
It happened in Mophela Village near Hammarsdale in eThekwini.
Njabulo’s sister Sindi Mzulwini (34) told Daily Sun: “We spoke to him several times about how he had to accept that the baby mama had ended their relationship. It seemed as if he had listened.”
Sindi’s brother had told them he wanted to die because the baby mama had moved on.
She said what tore her heart apart was the amount and level of violence against the children.

“They had nothing to do with the fight between him and their mum,” she said. “Even though it’s painful to lose him, it would have been better if he had only killed himself.”
She told the People’s Paper that the kids were staying with her on the day before they died but Njabulo asked for them.

“He lied and said he wanted to take them to a sangoma,” she said. “When we discovered what had happened the next day, we realised he had planned it carefully.”
The family refused to give the SunTeam the baby mama’s number.

But some angry residents apparently blamed her for the tragedy and wanted to moer her.
The family had to escort her to the police. KZN police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said two cases of murder and an inquest docket were opened.